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11th October 2017

Clinical Practice Guidelines for the Treatment of Rectal Prolapse Bordeianou, Liliana et al., DCR: Nov 2017; 60: 1121–1131

24th August 2017

Unit accreditation - apply NOW

The Pelvic Floor Society has an obligation to ensure high quality care is provided to patients with pelvic floor disorders. As such the society has strived to identify the components that make up the optimal pelvic floor service in terms of resource and

20th August 2017

Thefaut v. Johnston (2017): a game changer for consent in elective surgery

7th July 2017

Pelvic Floor Society LVR Mesh and Implant Registry

As many of you know, the society has been working towards creating a secure laparoscopic ventral rectopexy Mesh - Implant Register. Our initial setting up problems have now been addressed and the register is secure and now open for our society's surgical

24th May 2017

GI Physiology & Urodynamics Band 7, North Durham & Newcastle

22nd December 2016


Abstract submission is now open. The deadline for submission is Friday 20 January 2017. Download instructions on how to submit below. Submit your abstract here

20th August 2016

Consultant Colorectal Surgeon with an interest in Pelvic Floor, Barts Health Trust

6th August 2016

Pelvic Floor Fellow at St Thomas' Hospital London

26th July 2016

Clinical Fellowship in Pelvic Floor Surgery - Dundee. October 2016

22nd June 2016

Andy WIlliams is elected New Chairman

Following the recent vote we are pleased to announce the election of Any Williams as our newly elected chairman. The term is for two years (June 2018). We wish Andy well in his new role. An election for Hon Treasurer will be held shortly, closely follow

12th May 2016

Election for Chair to replace Mr Tony Dixon

Karen Telford (Hon Membership Sec) will be writing to members to open voting for the new Chair of the Executive Committee of The Pelvic Floor Society. We have two candidates for the role of Chairman of the Pelvic Floor Society; Mr Douglas Tincello and Mr

15th February 2016

New Cochrane review on the use of vaginal mesh

Should transvaginal mesh or biological grafts or native tissue be utilised to repair vaginal prolapse? Better Repair With Mesh Needs to Be Weighed Carefully Against Increased Risk of Harms

11th January 2016

The National Continence [LUTS] Care Awards 13/04/16

The Expert Group on Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms (LUTS) is delighted to once again be hosting the National Continence Care Awards. The Awards are organised by MHP Health with funding from Astellas Pharma Ltd and will take place in the House of Commons on

4th January 2016

FDA strengthens requirements for surgical mesh for the transvaginal repair of pelvic organ prolapse to address safety risks

25th December 2015

Radiology section TPFS

A Radiology break out session chaired by Arvind Pallan (Birmingham) and Eric Loveday (Bristol) occured at TPFS AGM in Manchester 2015. The majority of radiologists present were GI specialists and many were members of BSGAR. Some were uroradiologists, othe

3rd December 2015

European Commission Final Opinion on: The safety of surgical meshes used in urogynecological surgery

The Opinion looks at the risks associated with the use of surgical meshes for various conditions, how to identify high risk patient groups and further assessment needs.

11th October 2015

TPFS AGM Manchester 5/6 November @ Portland Hotel, Portland St, Manchester

This is our 11th meeting with a programme designed to build up the MDT and develop a true pelvic floor network. This year’s meeting will be held in the Lakeland Suite at the Portland Hotel (formerly The Thistle Hotel), Manchester City Centre, The Portland

1st October 2015

Oliver Jones is back!

Oliver Jones was elected to the executive as hon. chair of the scientific committee and will remain in post for three years.

10th September 2015

TPFS supports Glasgow's bid to host the International Continence Societies 2019 scientific meeting

13th July 2015

2014 ACPGBI Consensus doccument looking at Pelvic Floor Resources

15th May 2015

Affiliate Member Representative to Executive Committee

28th April 2015

World Continence Week 22-28 June 2015

1st April 2015

Request for a public response toNHSE commissioning policy doccuments for rec. urinary incontinence and SNS for overactive bladder.

11th February 2015

ACPGBI & TPFS 2014 Census of PF provision throughout the UK

A document examining the census returns from 67 hospitals documenting the provision of and current resources available for pelvic floor services throughout the UK

21st December 2014

NHS England Response to bbf submission on SNS for urinary incontinence

20th November 2014

MHRA Report on Vaginal Mesh

The benefits of pelvic mesh outweigh risks

24th October 2014

B&BF consensus statement on inadequate access to SNS for overactive bladder

The pelvic floor society joined with bbd, UKCS, BSUG & BAUS to petition NHSE to produce a unified policy towards SNS for urinary incontinence.

14th October 2014

Response to TPFS submission re E10sb & E10sd Complex Gynae Service Spec.

9th October 2014

Letter from the Chairman

Regarding the current status on LVMR

9th October 2014

Letter from the Chairman

Letter from the Chairman requesting expression of interest from centres to provide salvage LVMR surgery and surgery for mesh complications specific to LVMR

29th September 2014

TPFS stakeholder response Complex Gynae CRO 10 b/d 29/09/2013

18th January 2013

TPFS Response to National Commissioning Board re Faecal Incontinence & SNS

Comment on NHS Englands Complex Intervention document for FI/SNS

20th July 2013

Article Two

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30th January 2015

Autumn AGM Meeting TPFS 2015

The Winter Scientific & AGM, BAWA Bristol January 2015


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