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Sunday 11th October 2015

TPFS AGM Manchester 5/6 November @ Portland Hotel, Portland St, Manchester

Thursday 5th November 2015

09.15 - Registration & coffee


10.00 - Welcome: Karen Telford, Tony Dixon 


Chairs: Karen Telford  & Winston DeMello Manchester

10.10 - 10.30  Functional MRI imaging in chronic pain

Prof Irene Tracey, Nuffield Prof Anaesthesia Science & Director Oxford Centre for functional MRI of the Brain

10.30 -1050  Algorithm for Chronic perineal and pelvic pain.  Gareth Greenslade, Bristol  

10.50 - 11.10  A clinical psychologists approach to chronic pelvic pain. Anna Mandeville,UCLH

11.10 - 11.30   Is there a role for the pelvic floor surgeon?  Tony Dixon Bristol

11.30 -1200  Neurostimulation in chronic pelvic & visceral pain.  Ganesan Baranidharan, Leeds,    

12.00 -1215  Pelvic Pain networks providing an equality of care across the UK.  Prof Sir Muir Gray.  NHS Chief Knowledge Officer, Right Care. Oxford


12.15 - 1245  What I have learnt in 30 years of Urogyaecological practice - Tony Smith Manchester


1245 - 1345  Lunch 


1345 - 1500  Radiology Break out session Chairs:  Arvind Pallan, Birmingham & Eric Loveday, Bristol


Chairs: Andy Miller Leicester & Annette Woodward, Sutton Coldfield


Relationship of pregnancy & delivery with incontinence & prolapse (PROLONG study). Suzanne Hagen, Glasgow  

1405-1425  Pelvic floor muscle retraining intervention for women with POP (POPPY trial). Diane Stark,  Leicester.  

1425-1445  Women’s expectations of prolapse surgery. What can we all learn?  Prof Doug Tincello, Leicester

1445-1505  In the eye of the storm - lessons learnt from a tertiary referral unit for mesh complications.  Karen Guerrero, Glasgow.


Paediatric PF problems. Adolescence to adulthood. What might we expect?  John Bowen, Manchester 


1525 -16.00 Tea                                                                                                                                        


Imaging modalities for the PF.

Chairs. Vikas Shah Leicester, Sophie Pilkington, Southampton

1600 - 1620  MRI or fluoroscopic proctography; evidence and lmitations.  David Tarver, Poole

1620 -1640  Anal dysfunction: which investigation & how do they correlate with symptoms/signs. Isabella van Gruting, Croydon  

16.40 -1700  A surgical view.  Oliver Jones, Oxford    

1700-1720   Training & accreditation in EA & perineal US. How might TPFS progress this? Andy Williams London  

1720 -1740  US training, QU & Governance; a PAMS perspective.  Sarah Webb & Joanne Hayes, Birmingham

1740 - 1800   QA in PF imaging; how might we achieve this? Arvind Pallan, Birmingham   



Thoughts and experiences of social media; what can TPFS learn?   Gerard Greene, Birmingham 


1845 - Drinks

1730 - Dinner


Friday 6th November

0800-0900 Registration


Chair: Sushil Maslekar, Leeds

 0900 - 0920  Debate: TransSTARR & STARR - heading towards extinction 

For: Steve Brown, Sheffield

Against: Martin Farmer, Stoke


QOL - Chairs Tom Dudding Southampton & Kaori Furaba, Birmingham

0920-0940  How should we be measuring QOL in our PF practice.  Julia Cornish, Cardiff

0940-1000  Patient reported outcomes are what really matter!  Kim Gorrison, Oxford 



10.10 - PAMs break out session. Chair Jane Dixon, Cambridge


Training - Chairs. Andy Williams, Emma Horrocks, London

1010-1030   What do trainees need to know about pelvic floor physiology assessment  Mark Scott, QMUL        

1030–1050 Training in PF surgery; what can a skills lab can offer.  Ken Campbell, Dundee  

1050-1110  How to convince an AAC; time to embrace a curriculum & credentialing Jon Randall, Bristol  


QA & Governance - Chairs: Steve Perring, Marc Mercer Jones Newcastle

1115 - 1135 Standard, QA & GIRFT in Pelvic Floor; aview from RCS.  John Abercrombie, Nottingham

1135-1155  Standardisation of ARP (current practice, values & performance) & associated techniques. What has/is the working group done/doing?  Emma Carrington, QMUL                                                            

1155 - 1215  Accreditation and peer review of PF Units.  How might we do this or should we just leave it to our colleagues (BSUG, IUGA, ICS, BAUS, AGIP) & govt agencies?   Mark Chapman, Sutton Coldfield.

12.20-12.40  Managing Irritible bowel Syndrome - a practical guide  Peter Whorwell,Manchester 


1240 -1400 Lunch

Chair Neil Smart Exeter

1400 - 1420  Repair, replacement & regeneration: homeostasis and integration. Material interventions can be complex, interactive and patient specific.  Prof John Hunt, Manchester 


14.30 - 1530  Systematic Review of the Evidence

Chair: Mark Chapman & James Mason, Durham

Colectomy                                     Charles Knowles

STARR                                           David Wood

Rectocele Repair                         Andy Williams

Rectopexy                                      Ugo Grossi on behalf of Steve Brown

SNS                                                Sohie Pilkington


1530-1550  Tea

16.00 - 1700 AGM

Feedback report

AGM - Mark Mercer Jones/ Tony Dixon 






Special rates have been negotiated at the hotel for Wednesday 4th November and Thursday 5th November. Please personally make this booking through the hotel. Rooms will be held for the Pelvic Floor Society delegates for a period of time before the conference.
4th of November- at £115.00 B&B based on single occupancy
5th of November- at £105.00 B&B based on single occupancy


The Portland Hotel 
Portland Street, Piccadilly Gardens, Manchester,` M1 6DP
T: (+44) 0871 376 9026



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Directions and map

Car Parking

  • The Tariff Street multi-storey car park is located less than 500 meters from the hotel at number 30, Tariff Street, M1 2FJ. On production of stamped car park ticket by hotel reception the charge for 24 hours is £8.00. They also have a special deal for our hotel residents: Park after 5pm and depart before 10:00am for £5.00.
  • The Argent car park at 14-16 Whitworth Street M1 3BS. This car park charges £12.00 for 24 hours and is a 5 minute walk to the hotel along London road. This car park is manned 24 hours with security. On production of a car park ticket stamped by hotel reception, the charge per 24 hours is £10.20.
  • The Grand NCP car park is located on Chatham Street, just behind the hotel which charges £18.00 over 6 hours to 24 hours and is not manned but is closer to the hotel. On production of a car park ticket stamped by hotel reception, the charge per 24 hours is £15.30.

Registration Fees

Consultant        2-day package including dinner £ 230 (up to 11/10/15); £250 from 12/10/15.

                         Daily rate £ 110 + £40 dinner (up to 11/10/15); £ 160 + £40 dinner from 12/10/15

PAMs/trainees  2-day package/dinner £ 120 (up to 11/10/15); £ 140 after 12/10/15

                         Daily rate £ 60 + £ 40 dinner (up to 11/10/15); £ 80 + £ 40 dinner from 12/10/15


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