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Friday 7th July 2017

Pelvic Floor Society LVR Mesh and Implant Registry

Members need to apply to the webmaster (via the website) for access and a username and password will be allocated and dispatched.  This will allow the surgeon to log on to the register and re-set their password. We strongly encourage all surgeons who perform laparoscopic ventral rectopexy to enter ALL their patient cases, mesh and implant product & batch codes and their follow-up/complication data onto the register.  This initiative has the support of all the UK NHS executives and will become manadatory with all the medicolegal implications.

Please ask you patient for their consent and remeber that the identification of the patient needs to be anonymous i.e., do not use any recognizable ID such as the Hospital unit number or NHS number (the DOB field will be changed to age shortly). The hospital prefix is the one used for the ACPGBIs surgeon specific outcome data.  Please keep your own database key to ID on your hospital system to unveil your patients and so allow later data input at subsequent follow up. The data you input is secure. NO one else will have access to your data.

We strongly recommend you use the database particularly in light of recent adverse publicity and increasing public concerns. In addition, the society recommends that any adverse mesh or implant events should be reported to the MHRA.


Mesh oversight group report July 2017