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Sunday 21st December 2014

NHS England Response to bbf submission on SNS for urinary incontinence

Summary of letter of response from the new national lead for Continence – Sarah Elliott, Regional Chief Nurse (South).

Two questions are answered albeit vaguely:

  • The national Clinical Reference Group for Complex Gynae Services has developed policy which is applicable to both sexes. It has been agreed at the Clinical Priorities Advisory Group (CPAG) and in line with process and all other national policies submitted, has been ‘scored’ and will be for final consideration at the December meeting of CPAG.


  • Area teams have been asked to ‘hold’ any patients who need this treatment until there is clarity about funding following the December CPAG meeting. It has been ascertained that to date there have been no Independent Funding Requests (IFRs) received.

The letter further states that the writer is working on the development of a framework for commissioning policy, anticipating that it could be in place this time next year!

[Robert Dixon, B&BF CEO, will lead on this activity moving forward]