Newcastle October 2012

A targeted biofeedback programme improves functional outcomes following low anterior resection.  Craig Rimmer (Sandwell) 2012

Does sacral nerve stimulation improve global pelvic floor function?  Rina George (Sheffield) 20012


Bristol November 2013

A randomised trial comparing single injection site versus bilateral injection sites for the treatment of chronic anal fissure with botulinum toxin. Rachel Welch (Southampton) 2013

Benefits of a combined consultant and physiotherapist in a pelvic floor clinic. Debra Clarke (Poole) 2013 

Bristol Programme November 2013


Bristol January 2015

Life After PROSPER: a review of the management of rectal prolapse.  Gunner C, Senapati A, Northover A, Brown S. 

Classification & description of Pelvic Floor Conditions using the UK Biobank.  McCarthy K,J Hewitt*, AR Dixon.  North Bristol & UHWales Cardiff.

Prevalence of Depression, Psychiatric history and overall health rating of women who self reported pelvic floor symptoms in the UK Biobank.  McCarthy K, J Hewitt, AR Dixon, North bristol & UHWales

Outcome from surgery for external rectal prolapse. C Warden, SA Pilkington, JA Hicks, TC Dudding, PH Nichols, KP Nugent. University Hospitals Southampton

Laparoscopic rectopexy is feasible and safe in the emergency admission setting.  ALA Bloemendaal, A Mishra, GA Nicholson, OM Jones, I Lindsey, R Hompes, C Cunningham.  Oxford University Hospitals

Medium term outcome of patients undergoing laparoscopic sacrocolpopexy and ventral mesh rectopexy (VMR). N Adia. R. Fernandes, A Thrower, C Phillips. AK Venkatasubramaniam. Basingstoke

Are we misdiagnosing foreign body reaction to biologic implants as mesh-related infection? Ahmad M, Zeidan S, Tarver D, Clarke AD.   Poole Hospital NHS Foundation Trust

Elevate vaginal mesh repair for recurrent vaginal prolapse.-safety and clinical outcomes.  Ivilina Pandeva  D Onifade,  A Fayyad.   Luton and Dunstable University Hospital

Efficacy of LVMR for co-existing vaginal vault & rectal prolapse.  Emma Horrocks1, H McKenzie2, K McCarthy, AR Dixon.  Queen Mary University London1, Imperial London2, North Bristol NHS Trust.

Aone-year follow-up study of patients undergoing modified laparoscopic ventral rectopexy at a tertiary referral centre
J D Hodgkinson, Yasuko Maeda, Carolynne J Vaizey, J Warusavitarne, St Mark’s Hospital, Harrow,

LVR vs STARR for ODS, Is It a Draw? Zeidan S, Cruttenden-Wood DR, Tarver DS, Jones J, Clarke AD, Ahmad MA.

Rectal irrigation in functional bowel symptoms.  H Fowler, J Grainger, S Blythin, C Molyneux, R Smith, P Skaife.  University Hospital Aintree.

Does a nurse-led four-stage approach improve symptoms and quality of life in patients with constipation? Victoria Grey, Victoria Rusius, Kelly Stackhouse, K Gill. Sandwell Hospital, Birmingham.

Does the presence of a high-grade internal rectal prolapse affect the outcome of pelvic floor retraining in patients with faecal incontinence or obstructed defaecation? Gorissen KJ, Gosselink MP, Fourie S, Curran K, Jones OM, Cunningham C, Lindsey I. Oxford University Hospitals

A comparative study of radiological and anorectal physiology findings in patients with anismus.  U Pisano, L Irvine, A Jawad, A Macleod, M Lim, Raigmore Hospital, Inverness.

Can outcome from STARR surgery be improved by exclusion of anismus on preoperative proctography? Cruttenden-Wood DR, Zeidan S, D’Souza N, Jones J, Tarver DS, Ahmad MA, Clarke AD. Poole Hospital NHSFT.

Does a nurse led four stage approach improve symptoms and quality of life in patients with faecal incontinence?  Victoria Grey, Victoria Rusius, Kelly Stackhouse, K Gill. Sandwell, Birmingham.

Is PTNS an effective treatment for faecal incontinence? J Nicholson, J Pearson, C Molyneux, A Sharma, K Telford, E Kiff.  University Hospital of South Manchester

Response of the anal canal to stretch and Anal Acoustic Reflectometry. J Nicholson, A Sharma, K Telford, E Kiff. University Hospital of South Manchester

Does PTNS  improve Global Pelvic function in women with faecal incontinence?  SL Kelly, CSL Hoh, C McMullin, SR Brown. Northern General Hospital, Sheffield

Effectiveness of repeat sacral nerve stimulation following initial failure for faecal incontinence. B A Carrick, B Aspin, A Read, S M Plusa, Royal Victoria Infirmary Newcastle

SNS for faecal incontinence: is the outcome compromised in patients with high-grade internal rectal prolapse? Prapasrivorakul S,Gosselink MP, Gorissen KJ, Fourie Simona, Hompes R, Jones OM, Cunningham C, Lindsey I.  Oxford University Hospitals.

Double blind RCT of PTNS Vs Sham electrical stimulation for the treatment of faecal incontinence in adults.  CONtrol of Faecal Incontinence using Distal NeuromodulaTion. (The CONFIDeNT Trial). Emma J Horrocks1, S A Bremner2 , N Stevens2 , C Norton3, PR  O’Connell4 , S Eldridge2 , C H Knowles1 . 1National Centre for Bowel Research & Surgical Innovation, QMU  London. 2Pragmatic Clinical Trials Unit, QMU London,3Florence Nightingale Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery, King’s College London. 4School of Medicine & Medical Science, University College Dublin.

Equivalent benefit of LVR for Faecal Incontinence in Internal and External Rectal Prolapse. Gorissen KJ, Gosselink MP, Joshi H, Adusumilli S, van Onkelen RS, Fourie S, Hompes R, Jones OM, Cunningham C, Lindsey I. Oxford


Manchester November 2016

Manchester Programme 2016