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Pelvic Floor & Endoanal Ultrasound courses 2018

8th UCLH Female Urology & Urogynaecology Masterclas 27-29 November 2017

Annual Scientific Update in Urogynaecology, RCOG, 2-3 November 2017

Neuromodulation - Bristol 30-31st October 2017

 ICS Florence 12-15 September 2017

12th ESCP, Berlin 20-22 September 2017

OBSTRACT: Royal Society, London 16-17 October 2017

AGIP Upper GI Masterclass, Birmingham 01/03/17 


Pelvic Floor and Anorectal Ultrasound Masterclass Croydon, 2018 16/17 June 2018

This workshop aims to provide skills in all aspects of pelvic floor and anal endosonography that would interest the novice as well as the moreexperienced. The programme will be comprehensive, encompassing a global perspective to pelvic floor trauma including levator injuries, rectoceles, cystoceles and urinary incontinence. Live demonstrations are planned and delegates will be given an opportunity to develop hands-on experience on image acquisition and interpretation

Venue: Postgraduate medical centre, Croydon University Hospital, Croydon, Surrey

Cost: £370.00 for two days (£200.00 for one day)

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AGIP Upper GI physiology masterclass.  01/03/18, QEH Birmingham





8th Female Urology & Urogynaecology Masterclass UCLH 27 - 29 November 2017

Topics: urogynae complications, SUI & POP, Voiding dysfunctiion

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Annual Scientific Update in Urogynaecology, RCOG London 2-3 November 2017

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Neuromodulation - Bristol 30-31 October 2017

Day 1 @ Bristol Urological Institute, Brunel Building, Southmead Hospital

09:00 Registration
09.15 Welcome & introduction – H. Hashim
09:30 Assessment of the lower urinary tract and treatment pathways – H. Hashim
10:15 Assessment of bowel dysfunction and treatment pathways – J. Randall
10:45 Urology Break-out session Patient selection and clinical results – H. Hashim
          Bowel Break-out session Patient selection and clinical results – J. Randall
11:45 SNM Techniques including videos – H. Hashim & J. Randall
12:30 Lunch
13:00 Live surgery – PNE, Tined lead 1st stage, second stage - H. Hashim 17:00 End of program day 1
19:45 Delegate and faculty dinner

Day 2 @ University of Bristol, School of Anatomy
08:30 Delegate practice on mannequins supplied by Medtronic
09:30 Post-operative management - parameter setting – Laura Thomas

09:45 Hands-on programming session – Laura Thomas and Matt Carr 10:30 Coffee break
10:45 Post-operative management - complications and troubleshooting - H. Hashim
11:30 Hands on training in anatomy lab 12:30 Closure and Lunch – H. Hashim 13:30 End of course

To register your interest in this course or for further information please contact:
Karen Evely, Bristol Urological Institute, Southmead Hospital, Bristol, BS10 5NB. Telephone: 0117 4147942 email:


ICS Florence 12-15 September 2017




Fee: £350 Clinicians / £100 Allied Health

With ever increasing awareness of symptoms and disorders related to “Pelvic Floor Dysfunction” comes the need for recognition, assessment and treatment tailored to specific patient’s demographics. The patient and condition profile mandate partnership that combines multitude of disciplines. The   multidisciplinary approach is the key to successful outcome not only in terms of cure but also more  importantly in terms of adjustment of expectations and realistic outcome measures.

The  two day course is open to all specialities in practice or training. 

· Anatomy and physiology of the pelvic floor

· Assessment and diagnostic pathways

· Conservative adjuncts to management

· Faecal incontinence and treatment strategies

· Urinary incontinence and treatment strategies

· Slow transit constipation

· Obstructed defaecation

· Pelvic organ prolapse

· Chronic pelvic pain



12 Meeting ESCP, CityCube Berlin, 20-22 September 2017

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OBSTRACT: interpreting the abstraction of tissue regeneration & re-engineering of femal pelvic floor disorders in clinical practice. The Royal Society, London 6-17 October 2017


FREE discussion meeting to explore recent advances in regeneration and repair of pelvic tissues, and methods to engineer regeneration for the benefit of patients with PFD.

Organised by Dr Sohier Elneil, Professor Sheila MacNeil, Professor Margot Damaser and Dr Gloria Esegbona

This novel interdisciplinary meeting will bring together scientists and clinicians to review our current understanding of the pathophysiology of female pelvic floor disorders (PFD). Through an analysis of the molecular, cellular, biomechanical and neurological constituents that govern the trauma and subsequent healing process, and correlating this with the ambiguities plaguing the prognosis of surgical repairs. Investigate how our current technologies of regenerative medicine and tissue engineering may offer restorative properties of existing pelvic floor tissue. In addition, explore how these treatment methods can be used in a cost-effective, personalized and scientific approach to care.

A poster session will take place on the first day and the call for abstracts is now open.

Free to attend
Registration is essential
Please visit the meeting webpage to view the current programme and to register.