Educational Videos & talks


Management of bowel dysfunction following obstetric anal sphincter injury (OASIS) webcast on ICS TV

OASIS. Anorectal anatomy and physiology. Anorectal evaluation, Bowel dysfunction following OASIS, Physiotherapy following OASIS,Long term consequences,The dedicated OASIS clinic and management of subsequent pregnancies. 


Approaches to pelvic organ prolapse surgery webcast on ICS TV

Goals of repair and anatomical principles. Vaginal repairs. Laparoscopic repair & use of mesh. Robotic repairs. Assessment of outcomes.


Anderes Melgren: SNS & Surgical options

LVMR:A standardised modular approach. PA Newman, AR Dixon 

Oxford: Laparoscopic Ventral Mesh Rectopexy

Colchester: Laparoscopic Approaches to Rectal Prolapse



Sphincteroplasty for Cloacal defect

Cystocele repair

Transanal rectocele Repair

Understanding HR Manometry

Sphincter tears and EAUS

Vaginal Hysterectomy