Specialists Directory

The following is a list of TPFS & ACPGBI members with a stated interest in pelvic floor disorders.



Choosing a surgeon

 2014-15 NHS Patient Choice Framework Doccument


  Denotes Member The Pelvic Floor Society

* Denotes member ACPGBI


Aberdeen [BSGE accedited endometriosis centre]


Miss Eileen McKinley*


Basingstoke  [PF Centre offers expertise in dealing with mesh complications]

Mr Arcat Venkatasubramaniam*



Mr Edward Courtney*

Mr Mike Williamson*



Mr Kourosch Khosraviani*



Queen Elizabeth  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS]

Mr Simon Radley*

Mr Philip Toozs-Hobson (Urogynaecologist)

Ian McCafferty (Radiologist)

Arvin Pallan (Radiologist)

Bill Rae (Chronic Pain Physician)


Sandwell Hospital  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS]

Miss Kath Gill*

Elizabeth Clarson

Kelly Stackhouse (Specialist Nurse)

Julie Colley

Hates Anne


Sutton Coldfield  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS]

Mr Mark Chapman

Mr Sharad Karandikar*

Annette Woodward (Physiotherapist)



Gemma Faulkner*



Mr Richard Lawrance*



Miss Sonia Lockwood*

Carmel Ramage (Urogynaecologist)



Mr Marc Lamah*

Pia Hughes (Specialist Nurse)


Bristol - pan Bristol MDT

University Hospital Bristol  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS]

Mr Paul Durdey*

Mr Jon Randall*

Dr Jim Virgee (Radiologist)

Miss Lucy Griffin*,Miss Kathryn Maybey* Mrs Anne Moran (GI Physiologists)


Southmead Hospital (Reference Centre for LVMR, Gynae, Urology Mesh related problems, Revision surgery for Urinary Incontinence, Pudendal nerve decompression & Chronic pelvic & visceral pain & Endometriosis)     www.bristolsurgery.com 

Mr Tony Dixon*

Miss Kathryn McCarthy*

Madu Chendrmada (Urogynaecologist), Mr Marcus Drake, Hashim Hashim (Urologists)

Dr Gareth Greenslade (Chronic Pain Physician) As from 7/17 can only be accesed via private sector

Miss Laura Thomas (Physiologist)

Dr Eric Loveday (Radiologist)

Nikola Say PF Secretary & MDT Co-ordinator  Contact me


Cambridge  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS and expertise in Uroynaecology Mesh Complications]

Jane Dixon* (Independant Physiotherapist)

Miss Nicola Fearnhead*

Mark Slack (Urogynaecologist)



Mr Simon Phillips

Jane Turner (Specialist Nurse)



Mr Shahab Siddiqi*



Mr Philip Bearn*

Mr Pasha Nisar*

Mr James Thomas, Mr Wolf Gelman (Urogynaecologists)

Dawn McWilliams (Specialist PF Nurse)



Mr Chris Harmston



Miss Caroline Bruce*



Abdul Sultan (Urogynaecologist)



Mr Rakesh Bhardwaj 

Mr Jacek Adamek



Mr  Adeshina Fawole*



Mr Mike Lamparelli*

Jane Curtis (Specialist Physiotherapist)



Joseph Deasy*

Prof Ronan O'connell*


Dundee  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS & dealing with urogynaecology mesh complications]

Mr Ken Campbell*

Miss Dorin Ziyaie*

Ms Sacha Koch*


Durham  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS, revision neuromodulation & constipation]

Prof Yan Yinniakou* (Neuro-Gastroenterologist)

Michelle henderson

Sarah Aungiers


Exeter  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS]

Miss Patricia Boorman*

Mr Will Chambers*

Ian Daniels

Christina Berry* (Specialist Nurse) 



Miss Cindy Chew*


Gloucester & Cheltenham

Mr Damian Glancey*

Mr Tom Roe*

Beverly Grey (Clinical Scientist)



Mr Brendan McIlroy*



Mr Suhail Anwar*


Hull [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS]

Prof Graeme Duthie*

Annika Rasijeff*



Prof Kenneth Walker*



Ashad Malik*


Lantrisant, Royal Glamorgan, S Wales

Ms Julie Cornish*


Leeds  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS, fenix]

Mr Dermot Burke*

Sushil Maslekar*

Prof David Jayne*



Mr Andrew Miller*

Howard Fairey

Mr Justin Young*

Diane Stark (Physiotherapist)

Prof Doug Tincello (Urogynaecologist)

Dr Vikas Shah (Radiologist)




Paul Shaife

Sandra Blythin


Wirral [Centre for Endometriosis]

Mr Liviu Titu*

Mr Mark Doyle (Urogynaecologist)


Royal Liverpool

Paul Carter*

Ifuk Gur




Mr Steven Mann*

Pawan Mathur

Sheida Vessal

Simona Di Caro


Barts & Royal London  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS & revision neuromodulation]]

Mr Chris Chan*

Prof Charles Knowles*

Dr Marc Scott (Physiologist)



Mr Alistair Myers


Kings College Hospital

Miss Lindsy Barker*


St George's

Prof Devinder Kumar*

Mr Stergious Donmouchtsis (Urogynaecologist)


St Mark's  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS & in dealing with mesh complications]

Carolynne Vaizey*

Mr Janindra Warusavitarine* 

Patricia Evans (Clinical specialist biofeedback)

Sherill Tripoli

Brigitt Collins


Guy's & St Thomas'   [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS]

Mr Andrew Williams*

Mr Amir Darakhshan*

Mr Alexis Schizas*

Mr Ugochukwu Ihedioha

Nadine Deschampes

Emma Collins

Deepa Solanki

Carlene Igbedioh


The London Clinic

Mrs Jane Simpson Specialist Continence Advisor*


UCHL  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS, GI motility disorders and reference centr for Urogynae mesh complications & Endometriosis]

Mr Richard Cohen*

Amanda Raeburn

Tamsin Greenwell (Urologist)

Stuart Taylor (Radiologist)

Prof Anton Emmanuelle (Neuro-Gastroenterologist)

Julie Storrie

Jorge Liwanag


Whipps Cross

Mr Pasquale Giordano*



Miss Katherine Brown



Mr Pradeep Basnyalt


Manchester [PF Centre offers expertise in dealing with mesh complications]

University Hosp South Manchester

Wall Barza*

Mr Abhiram Sharma*

Miss Karen Telford*

Clare Molyneux (Specialist Physiotherapist)

Domini Mullins (Nurse Specialist)

James Pearson (Clinical Scientist)

Dr Winston De Mello (Pain Physician)



Karen Ward (Urogynaecologist The Warrell Unit, St Mary’s Hospital)

Suzanne Ryder

Finlay Curran*


Tameside, Gt Manchester

Karim Muhammed*



Gateshead  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS & in dealing with mesh complications]

Mr Mark Mercer-Jones*

Claire Egglestone


North Shields

Mr Barry Slater*


Royal Victoria

Mr Robin Dawson*

Mr Stefan Plusa*



Mr Chris Speakman*


Nottingham [PF centre offering epertise in SNS]

Mr Charles Maxwell Armstrong

Mr Nicholas Armitage*

Hazel Mason


Oxford Churchill Hospital [Reference centre for LVMR, Gynae & Urogynae mesh complications]  

Tel: 01865 220948                                        www.oxfordpelvicfloor.co.uk  

Mr Chris Cunningham*

Mr Roel Hompes*

Mr Oliver Jones*

Mr Ian Lindsey*

Miss Kim Gorrissen*

Ana-Simona Fourie, Karen Curran, Chris Rigozzi (Specialist Nurse Practitioners)

Mr Simon Jackson, Miss Natalie Price, Mr Jon Nicholls (Urogynaecologists)



Mr Alexander Hardy*


Poole  [PF Centre offers expertise in dealing with mesh complications]

Mr Mukhtar Ahmad*

Mr Andrew Clarke*

Steve Perring (GI Physiologist)

Emma Jones

Anne Henderson

Mrs Debra Clarke (Physiotherapist)

Tim Hillard (Urogynaecologist)

Dr David Tarver (Radiologist)



Dr Tony Higginson (Radiologist)


Plymouth [PF centre offering expertise in SNS]

Mr Chris Opong*

Anne Cornelius (Specialist Nurse)



Miss Alka Javad*

Mr Peter Mitchell*



Miss Geta Kaur*


Sheffield  [PF Centre offers expertise in SNS & dealing with mesh complications]   Contact Michelle 01142 266292

Prof Steven Brown*

Mr keith Chapple*

Miss Lesley Hunt*

Sarah Kelly & Lynn Smith (GI Physiologists)

Kath Hanwell (Specialist Nurse)

Dr Swati Jah, Steve Radley, Andrew Farakas (Urogynaecologists)



Mr Jon Lacey-Colson*

Mr Richard Foon (Urogynaecologist)


Southampton [Reference centre for SNS, Uro-gynaecological  & LVMR mesh complications & Endometriosis]

Mr Thomas Dudding*                                                                                Contact us: 023 8120 6606

Janet Hicks* (Pelvic Floor Specialist Nurse) 

Sita Dixit

Sally Gilbert

Ann Hamilton

Miss Karen Nugent*

Miss Sophie Pilkington*

Kathleen Vits (Physiotherapist)

Mr Ash Monga (Urogynaecologist)



Mr Bandipalyam Praveen*



Dr Deepa Gopinath (Urogynaecologist)


Stockton on Tees

Mr Anwar Agarwall*


Stoke on Trent [PF centre offering expertise in SNS]

Mr Robin Dawson

Mr Martin Farmer*

Jason Cooper (Urogynaecologist)


Stoke Mandeville/High Wycombe

Mr Arnod Goede*



Mr Rod Alexander*


Taunton [PF Centre offering expertise in SNS]

Mr Chris Vickery*

Mr Paul Mackey*

Miss Louise Hunt*


Torbay [PF Centre offering expertise in SNS]

Mr Nick Kenefick*

Mr Steve Mitchell*


Truro [Endometriosis Centre]

Mr Will Faux*

Miss Mel Feldman*

Mr Adam Widdison*


Tunbridge Wells

Mr Daniel Lawes*

Mr Alex Slack

Mr Dinesh Balasubramaniam



Miss Naomi Mackenzie*



Funmi Odofin (Physiotherapist)


Mr Serban Gheorghiu*


Choosing the right surgeon

Have you found the right surgeon?
This may seem a strange question to pose if you are having your operation as an NHS patient as you are normally expected to take what is offered locally. However, via the NHS patient choice initiatives you do have a greater choice, especially when you live in a city where there are a number of surgeons practicing.

The decision to have major surgery can often be stressful. Patients interested in any pelvic floor interventions should find a surgeon who is experienced in this type of surgery. When meeting with the surgeon, the patient should consider bringing a friend or family member to take part in the discussion with the surgeon and to help take notes. The private option will enable you to seek a surgeon who is more skilled in the operation you wish to have and for it to fit in more easily with your own time frame.

So, you've found the names of several surgeons and you need to decide which one to consult. Here are some pointers to guide you through this decision making process.

How conveniently located is your surgeon?
In the event that something goes wrong, you need to be able to get in contact with your surgeon immediately for advice and if necessary treatment; If you have chosen a private surgeon 200 miles away because the price of the operation was cheaper, this may become a problem if you need help urgently.

If you underwent an operation that is not available locally, the staff in your local hospital may not know how best to help you should you run into difficulties.  It is thus very sensible to choose a local surgeon provided that they have all the skills that you require close to where you live.

What operations does your surgeon do most often?
Common sense would dictate that any surgeon will achieve greatest technical expertise in the operation they perform most often.  Beware of the surgeon who says they will "have a go" and if you are one of the first patients to undergo this surgery locally, ask if your surgeon is planning to have a more experienced surgeon to supervise him/her.

Q: How many cases do you treat annually?

Q: Have you received advanced training in the techniques? 

Q: How many minimally invasive LVMRS have you performed overall?  How many per year?

Q: What are your results ?

Q: Will you deal with my mesh complication laparoscopically? if not WHY?

Most sensible and forward thinking surgeons will maintain a database of all patients undergoing PF surgery (indeed it is a prerequit of being a member of TPFS) and undertake regular audits of their practice.  He/she should be able to tell you their short and medium term results and also how many have had side effects, complications etc.

Q: What have you seen in terms of patient outcomes with this procedure?

Q: What is the most common complication you have encountered with this procedure?

Q: Is his/her choice of private hospital an accredited provider for colorectal and urological cancer services? Does it have high dependency facilities? 

Q: Does your surgeon work in a multidisciplinary team?

Avoid a surgeon who does not work in a multidisciplinary team - works with colleagues where appropriate (urologist, gynaecologist & coloproctologist), specialist nurses, dietician, specialist radiologist and physiotherapist etc.  Remember, some of the best results are obtained when your surgeon has a close working relationship with an individual anaesthetist.

Remember that pelvic floor problems can be quite complex!

Q: How long they have been doing LVMR or neuromodulation, where were they trained and how many operations have they performed?

Q: Is there a local support group?

A sensibly structured support group  can make a huge difference and the better ones have the input of a local surgeon in them.  The support group should do more than meet socially for a chit chat (there is a lot of good that will come from such a meeting, don't get us wrong) but a group that has guest speakers and a proper education–based agenda will be much more useful to you.

Q: Is your surgeon a member of the pelvic floor society and subscribes to its goals?

Do you like your surgeon?
This may seem like a silly question but remember, you are entering into a professional relationship and you will need to be completely open and honest with them.

If you don't like your surgeon, you are unlikely to trust and respect him/her and you will find it harder to comply with the post–op instructions, disappointments etc.

If you have an experience that leaves you concerned, make sure you have not just met him/her on a bad day - speak to your GP, the nurses or other patients if you are at all concerned.  

Remember that at the end of the day, it is the surgeons experience and technical expertise that counts