Welcome to the Physiotherapy, Specialist Nurses & Allied Healthcare Workers section of the website

Welcome to the Physiotherapy and Allied Healthcare Workers section of the website.


Recognising the importance of the MDT approach to pelvic floor problems, the executive of TPFS in 2015 established  a committe Chair to represents and supports all physiotherapy, specialist nurses, physiologists and allied health care members as well as encouragingand maintaining the multidisciplinary strength of TPFS. The chair is a member of the executive of TPFS and acts as a liaison between the Executive and the members as well as POGP and other professional groups regarding matters of mutual concern. 


Over the last two years TPFS has organised and supported a variety of courses and workshops held throughout the country, which together have and will continue to provide opportunities for education and an individual professional development. Although primarily designed for surgical trainees, theire contents are equally applicable to specialist physiotherapists and other allied healthcare workers/PAMS eg.,

2015 Dundee Course & feedback


The Annual Meeting [now in its 9th year] will be in Manchester November 5/6 2015 is a fantastic forum to keep abreast of recent developments as well as sharing research with colleagues throughout the UK and Europe; there are also prizes on offer which have been won by specialist physios and nurses.  All of TPFS events provide great opportunities to meet and network with leaders in the fields of colorectal, urology and urogynaecology pelvic floor surgery as well as chronic pelvic pain.

Through increasing collaboration with POGP, The pain Societies, UKCS, BAUS & BSUG, The Pelvic Floor Society hopes to widen further the educational opportunities available.

As your representative, I welcome any comments, queries or suggestions that you may have. I shall also be looking for people to join my team. So please contact me or come and have a chat next time you see me.

Jane Dixon


Janes quick guide to the POGP professional network

There is now only one UK Network for women's and men's health physiotherapists.  In September 2014, ACPWH and CPPC merged and rebranded themselves as POGP (Pelvic Obsteteric & Gynaecological Physiotherapy); Doreen McClurg PhD (pictured) is their Chair and Karen Nugent their President. 

The Obstetric Association of Chartered Physiotherapists was originaly formed in 1948 by members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy interested in obstetrics.  Gynaecology was added in the mid 1970s to form ACPOG.

CPPC (Chartered Physiotherapists Promoting Continence) was set up about 25 years ago for physio's specifically interested in continence problems in women, men and children. This came about because at the time ACPOG, as it was then focussed on O&G. They themselves rebranded about 20 years ago to become ACPWH (Assoc of Chartered Physiotherapists in Women's Health).

There remained however, a stalwart band of physiotherapists who felt that this group still did not cater well enough for patients with bowel problems, as well as for the treatment of men and children, and so CPPC continued.  Eventually, 2 years ago the physiotherapists professional body, the Chartered Society of Physiotherapists asked that the two groups consider merging. The rest as they say is history!


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