A Radiology break out session chaired by Arvind Pallan (Birmingham) and Eric Loveday (Bristol) occured at TPFS AGM in Manchester 2015. The majority of radiologists present were GI specialists and any were members of BSGAR. Some were uroradiologists, others primarily involved in womens imaging.  There was also a a significant number of trainee radiologists in attendance. Most were involved in an MDT process.  One attendee was a clinical physiologist performing pelvic USS.  Most used DProctography as primary imaging modality with MRI for problem solving. Consensus was reached on the following points:

  • There is a lack of defined standards
  • ESGAR standards are imminent which may or may not be applicable to UK practice
  • There was a strong feeling that there is a need for a representative group
  • That group would sit professionally within the Pelvic Floor Society as it spans different Radiological Disciplines and encompasses allied health professionals, especially GI physiologists
  • Expressions of interest will be sought via relevant bodies (BSGAR, BSUR, ESGAR, Womens imaging specialists)
  • There was strong support from the surgical committee members present
  • Those present agreed to collaborate on standards for performance and reporting of examinations and agreed indications for imaging investigations.

Contact details:

Arvind Pallan @ UHBirmingham  

Eric Loveday @ North Bristol


Protocols for MRI proctograms