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EDI Statement

The immeasurably important Kennedy report commissioned by the Royal College of Surgeons England highlighted the lack of diversity that the surgical profession is notoriously famous for but also made a case for the pivotal role of an institution in tackling these inequalities and taking fundamental steps in improving conditions for professionals and patients alike.

At the Pelvic Floor Society, our core aim is to not only to promote the highest standard of practice for pelvic floor disorders for our patients, but to also make our organisation a truly diverse society that can lead by example and champion equality and inclusion within the NHS and the wider surgical community.

TPFS is committed to ensuring that our leadership is representative of the diversity of our membership and the wider medical workforce. We are acutely aware of the responsibility that we, as an organisation, hold to our membership and patients in promoting equality and diversity in everything that we do. We pledge to put inclusivity at the heart of the future of organisation and make a difference - for us and for our patients. 

The full Kennedy report and recommendations can be accessed here.