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About The Pelvic Floor Society

The society is keenly aware of the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach in the care of our patients. Colorectal surgeons, gastroenterologists, urogynaecologists, urologists, physiotherapists, radiologists, chronic pain practitioners, research practitioners, GI physiologists, continence advisors, specialist nurses, behavioural therapists, psychologists with an interest in pelvic floor disorders and clinical scientists with an interest in colonic and pelvic floor physiology are encouraged to join under the appropriate membership categories. 

Membership will be granted based on the ability to demonstrate excellence in the delivery of specialist pelvic floor services. Members should be actively engaged in the study or managemnet of patients with pelvic floor disorders. There is currently no subscription charge for the membership of TPFS provided that colorectal surgeons are members of ACPGBI and other allied healthcare professionals are members of their respective professional associations.

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