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Training & Education

The Pelvic Floor Society (TPFS) was established to support the specialist management of pelvic floor disorders. Education and training are central to this and the Executive Committee has a training lead (currently Jonathan Randall) and a trainee representative who is a dual appointment with the Dukes' Club (currently Annabelle Williams).

This portfolio has been produced to detail the Education and Training role of TPFS and how it can support trainees and consultants interested in developing a specialist interest in pelvic floor disorders. This will be covered in the following sections:

Section 1

Resources available for trainees including a bespoke pelvic floor portfolio and curriculum including specific PBAs and logbook of activities

Section 2

Pelvic Floor Courses and Conferences

Section 3

Advice on how to gain further experience in Pelvic Floor Surgery


Whilst many of the resources have been developed for trainees in colorectal surgery, it is hoped that the current resources will have application for trainees in related specialties and allied health professionals.

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Our society is proud to offer the following links to information, education and courses. Click on the icons below to access the information you require and we look forward to hearing from you.