15-17th November 2023

Titanic Hotel, Belfast

Further details coming soon


Why not discover the benefits of joining the Pelvic Foor Society today!

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What Does The Pelvic Floor Society Aim To Do

The Pelvic Floor Society (TPFS) is an affiliate of the Association of Coloproctology of Great Britain and Ireland ( ACPGBI)

The objectives of the Pelvic Floor Society are:

  • Support clinical and collaborative trials that address specific questions related to pelvic floor dysfunction.
  • To provide a forum for members to engage in critical discussion on the investigation, diagnosis, management of pelvic floor disorders.
  • To facilitate the interchange of information on pelvic floor disorders between members and other interested parties in the UK and worldwide.
  • Set and monitor standards of pelvic floor investigation and management.
  • Support and develop educational initiatives, a training curriculum, and provide courses related to the investigation and management of pelvic floor problems.
  • Engage with the NHS, DOH, CRGs, NICE and other bodies to develop a strategic approach to the provision and commissioning of pelvic floor services.
  • Organise and fund national pelvic floor clinical and research fellowships.
  • Provide an advisory role to the Royal colleges and related specialist societies.

The society is keenly aware of the importance of a multi-disciplinary approach in the care of our patients. Colorectal surgeons, gastroenterologists, urogynaecologists, urologists, physiotherapists, radiologists, chronic pain practitioners, research practitioners, GI physiologists, continence advisors, specialist nurses, behavioural therapists, psychologists with an interest in pelvic floor disorders and clinical scientists with an interest in colonic and pelvic floor physiology are encouraged to join under the appropriate membership categories. 

Membership will be granted based on the ability to demonstrate excellence in the delivery of specialist pelvic floor services. Members should be actively engaged in the study or managemnet of patients with pelvic floor disorders. There is currently no subscription charge for the membership of TPFS provided that colorectal surgeons are members of ACPGBI and other allied healthcare professionals are members of their respective professional associations.

'Unfortunately there is a technical issue with our online applications currently, which we are working on. Whilst we deal with this, please complete the online form below, and send a copy to our secretary to notify us of you application here"

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Benefits Of Joining The Pelvic Floor Society

  • Full membership is free if you are a member of your official body: Being a member of TPFS is free providing you are a member of your official body i.e. ACPGBI and UKCS.  As a result members receive a copy of Colorectal Disease every month and have a discount rate when registering for national and international meetings. Professional representation at NICE, NHS England, ACPGBI, RCS & RCOG.
  • Access to TPFS database: A surgical audit database has been produced for Full Members to record their cases and outcomes for incontinence and prolapse surgery. This is free to TPFS members and should be helpful for appraisal, revalidation and applying for clinical excellence awards. It is also a CQUINS requirement.
  • Research: Members who wish to undertake research can be helped with methodological and statistical advice.
  • Professional advice, support and mentoring: Recognised regional & national network including study days.
  • Citations for Awards: The Society is keen to provide citations for members who wish to apply for national awards (this might be extended to local awards).
  • Committee Elections: Elections for Committee Members and Officers shall be held at the Annual General Meeting.
Apply Today


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